Day One on the Pasture

Welcome to the Farm!

Our adventure began in August 2018, when we found 7 acres of pasture with woods and a pond for sale in Chatham County, North Carolina. The pasture photo was taken from where our new farmhouse now stands. As we stood pondering the land, we were overcome with peace. Nature’s sounds permeated the atmosophere. We were quickly smitten!

The plan started to develop on a warm late summer day as Bill and I sat drinking iced mochas at The Belted Goat in Fearrington Village. We sketched out the plan on a coffee napkin: a farmhouse, barn, equipment shed and art studio, as well as pastures and gardens. After a couple hours of dreaming and sketching, dreaming some more and scribbling in and out of the plan, we decided to dive head in to what would soon become our new, all-encompassing world: Wildefern Farm, a place of refuge for abused/neglected/unwanted farm animals.

We were fortunate to have a friend recommend a builder, who was willing to wait for other life events that took our priority and focus. His patience reflected a man of strong character, and we knew immediately that he was someone we could trust to turn our dream into reality…no matter when we were ready. (We cannot say enough about the team of Carl Caldwell and Ralph Rohn of Triangle Classic Homes in Raleigh, NC.)

Fast forward to the present, twenty months later, and Bill and I are hunkered down here on Wildefern Farm, hopefully staying safe from the pandemic. We’re getting projects done that will help us focus on getting the farm animal-ready. Projects that may have been put off are under way, while the forced isolation has provided time for us to settle in and appreciate beginning this new chapter in our lives.

I hope you’ll follow along as we delve into gardening, building, cooking/baking (yes, I’ve been cooking), providing a forever home for beloved animals, and reflect on life here in the countryside of North Carolina.

February 2020